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WH  White

BK  Black

GR Green

GY Light Grey

DBZ Dark Bronze

BZ Bronze

SM Silver Metallic

*Printed colors may not match paint finishes! Consult factory for physical swatch to verify desired finish.
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TBK Textured Black

Pemco Lighting Products produces state-of-the-art finishes. In addition to the many standard colors available, custom colors can be applied to enhance and contrast a specific installation. Most RAL colors are available to match poles and fixtures.

Standard finish on all fixtures and arms is a highly durable polyester powder coat resin which contains UV inhibitors. This is an electrostatically applied polyester powder coat over a 5-stage pre-treatment process, the best known pretreatment available.


1. Detergent and degrease.

2. Clean water rinse.

3. Phosphate bath–the best known pretreatment of
aluminum for corrosion resistance and paint

4. Clear water rinse bath.

5. Hot water clean rinse.

After the pretreatment process, the final steps are:

10. Powder coating–2.5 mil nominal thickness.

11. Bake for 28 to 35 minutes at 375-425° depending on the powder.

Powder coatings are designed to be a single coat finishing system, with the exception of applications within extremely harsh environments, such as marine and coastal regions.


The chemicals that are used in the cleaning and pre-treatment process are environmental, non-destructive, no VOC (volutile organic compounds) emissions

(Mercury or Lead).

The powder coating process does not use solvents. Waste is minimal, easily and safely disposed of as well.



Marine Grade finishes start with a zinc rich primer that
is partially cured before applying the top coat. After baking, the primer and top coat cross link, forming an extremely durable finish

approaching 7 mils in thickness. These finishes are very good for salty atmospheres. The system
is a two-coat process combining optimum corrosion protection with highest weatherability. This two-coat system produces an optimum non-porous film as well as excellent UV protection through the use of high quality polyester powder coatings.


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